Like as a preposition games/ worksheets

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Updated 26 June 2022

Teaching like as a preposition articles

How to teach like as a preposition – NEW

How to teach like and be like

How to teach like, be like and look like

Photocopiable like as a preposition classroom activities

What is… like? describing people and things bluffing game – NEW LINK

Like and be like Xmas questions – NEW LINK

Like and be like games (bluffing, Family Fortunes, discuss and agree, guessing games, matchmaking)

Verbs of sensation discuss and agree (with some like as a prepositions practice)

Verbs of sensation discussion questions (with some “like” and “be like” practice)

Verbs of sensation mini-presentations (with a little “like” and “be like” practice)

Describing Japanese things verbs of sensation practice (with option to use like as a preposition)

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