Clothes vocabulary games, worksheets, stories and songs

Updated 23 February 2017

A mix of stuff for adults and young learners, but should be fairly obvious which is which.

Articles with clothes vocabulary game ideas

How to teach clothes vocabulary to young learners – LINK FIXED

Fun activities for clothes vocabulary – LINK FIXED

More fun activities for clothes vocabulary – LINK FIXED

Clothes vocabulary pdf classroom activities

Describing clothes and appearance words – NEW (including and leading onto all the new vocabulary activities below)

Clothes and appearance The same or different – NEW

Clothes and appearance words with two meanings – NEW

Clothes and appearance synonyms – NEW

Clothes and accessories collocations – NEW

Writing reviews task on clothes and fashion – NEW

Typical Japanese mistakes with clothes and appearance vocabulary – NEW

FCE Speaking Part One on clothes and accessories

Comparing clothes and accessories random pelmanism game

Cambridge First email and letter tasks on the topic of clothes

Guess the clothes from the hints (with quite a lot of Present Continuous, weather vocabulary, etc)

Clothes and possessive s drawing game

Clothes and Present Continuous drawing game

They are Clothes and accessories pelmanism

They are Clothes and accessories brainstorming game

Clothes and appearance easily confused words pairwork

Clothes Things in common

Clothes, body and animals possessive S pictionary game

Songs with clothes vocabulary

Don’t put your trousers on your head

Stories with clothes vocabulary

Blue Hat, Green Hat (really simple story and vocabulary, but very amusing – also good for body vocabulary)

Brrr! (Addison Welsey Longman)

The Smartest Giant in Town (great story but very high level, e.g. “scruffiest”, and difficult to retell in an easier way)

Online games

Teddy Dresser (read the descriptions and dress the teddy – on LearnEnglishKids)

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