Advanced architecture vocabulary

Read the lists of vocabulary below and guess what kind of building each list is related to:

Steeple                                                                         Stained glass windows

Altar                                                                             Aisle

Gargoyles                                                                     Belfry

Chapel                                                                          Confession box

Sculpture                                                                      Font

Lobby                                                                           Ballroom

Balconies                                                                      Chandelier

Indoor pool                                                                    Bar


Aisle                                                                             Till (= checkout = register)

Store room/ warehouse                                                   Deli counter

Cash machine (= ATM)                                                   Security cameras

Safe                                                                              Reinforced glass

Detached                                                                      Semi-detached

Terraced                                                          Front garden

Back garden                                                                  Fence

Loft                                                                               Cellar

Pond                                                                             Chimney

Chimney pot                                                                  Thatch

Brick                                                                             Double glazing

Doorstep                                                         Lawn

Mock Tudor                                                                   Greenhouse

Eaves                                                                           Patio

Moat                                                                             Arrow slits

Drawbridge                                                                    Keep

Well                                                                              Stables

Jousting ground

Platforms                                                                      Ticket barrier

Ticket office

Balcony                                                                        Stage

Lobby                                                                           Ticket office

The gods                                                         The orchestra pit

A and E (= ER)                                                              Waiting room

In patients                                                                     Out patients

X ray room

Playground                                                                    Reception

Cafeteria                                                         Gym

State rooms                                                                  Throne room

Chandelier                                                                     Sentry box

Guard house                                                                  Stables

Fountain                                                          Statue

Courtyard                                                                      Parade ground

Fireplace                                                         Lounge

Cellar                                                                            Bar

Beer garden

Reinforced concrete                                                       Plate glass windows

Balcony                                                                        Studio flats

Helicopter landing pad                                                    Penthouse

Lift (= elevator)

The stands                                                                    Ticket office

Press box                                                                     Corporate hospitality suites

Dome                                                                            Retractable roof

(Artificial) turf                                                                 Changing rooms

Minaret                                                                         Prayer hall

Cafeteria                                                         Skyscraper

Executive floor                                                               Executive elevator

Smoking area

Use vocabulary like that above to design/ describe a new iconic building for the city where you live, e.g. a cathedral that is also a skyscraper.


Present your ideas to the rest of the class and vote on your favourite idea.


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Advanced architecture vocabulary

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