This that these those mimes

English Land 2 Unit 8

Choose one of the cards below or take a card from the cut up pack of cards that your teacher has prepared and mime and point until your partner guesses exactly that sentence.


This is a hat



Those are hats



These are shoes



Those are shoes



Those are beds



This is a puzzle



That is a spaceship



Those are robots



These are monsters



This is a hippo



These are giraffes



This is a rhino



This is a nose



These are eyes



Those are eyes



That is an ear



These are rings



This is a watch



This is a necklace



These are brushes



Those are keys



These are gloves



Those are gloves



These are glasses



Those are glasses



That is a watch



That is a necklace



That is a brush



These are umbrellas



This is an umbrella



These are hair clips



PDF for easy saving and printing: This that these those mimes

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