Reported Speech functional language guessing game

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 10 and 11

Choose one of the places below and tell your partner either what you said and heard in one of those places (past tenses and tense shift needed), or what people usually say in those places (present tense of reporting verb and no tense shift needed):

1. A police station
2. A post office
3. Immigration
4. An airline check-in desk
5. An airport security check
6. A hotel reception (= front desk)
7. A convenience store/ corner shop
8. A fast food restaurant
9. An expensive and/ or classy restaurant
10. A concert or music venue
11. A club (= a nightclub = a disco)
12. A hospital or surgery (= doctor’s clinic)
13. A pub or other kind of bar
14. A park
15. A national park or other area in the countryside
16. A museum, castle or historic house
17. A dentist’s surgery (= clinic)
18. A pet shop or vet’s
19. A sports club (= gym) or pool
20. Someone’s house
21. A stadium or other sporting venue
22. A beach
23. On or near a road
24. A train station or underground station
25. A plane
26. A library or bookshop
27. A petrol station
28. A bus or train
29. A spa or sauna
30. A hotel or B&B
31. A cinema (= movie theater)
Match the phrases below to the situations above:

1. He told me that I couldn’t come in because I was wearing trainers (= sneakers)
2. I was annoyed because she told me that I had to put the blind down, even though I didn’t want to sleep and I asked for a window seat so that I could look out the window
3. The police told one Australian that he had to leave because he was causing a disturbance by shouting too loudly
4. He told me that I had to pay a 10 pound (= 20 dollar) penalty fare because I had gone one station too far
5. I offered to pay for the book that I had lost, but they told me that I had to buy a replacement copy myself and bring it there
6. He told me that I couldn’t bring hot food on because the smell would annoy the other passengers
7. I heard that in Australia they tell people that they have to put on a T-shirt or go home if they have sunburn
8. They told my friend that he couldn’t join because he had tattoos
9. In the movies they often tell people that they have to take out their shoelaces
10. They told me that I couldn’t bring in any bottle bigger than 300ml
11. They told me that I had to put my water into a glass
12. Some of them have signs outside telling you that you have to wear a tie

What do you think about the rules above?

Look at the signs and notices your teacher gives you (e.g. from the Cambridge PET exam) or the ones on New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 11 pages 112 and 113, and match them to the places above.

What do you think about the rules represented by those signs?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Reported speech functional language guessing

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