Which is plus comparative drawing game

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one set of cards per class or per group of two to four students. Spread out the cards across the table (face down for more fun). Students take two object cards and then an adjective card. They ask someone else a “Which is…er/ more…?” question about those two things with that adjective such as “Which is angrier?” and then need to draw those two things in the way that their partner says, e.g. an angry apple and an angrier orange.

Before or instead, the game can also be played without the adjective cards with people making up their own “Which… is…?” questions.


SPEC 3 vocabulary cards to cut up

apple baby
ball banana
bed bicycle
book boy
butterfly cake
car chair
chopstick comb
computer curtain
doll elephant
Frisbee girl
guitar horse
ice cream jacket
key ladder
lamp motorbike
pencil pillow
puppet rug
ruler snake
sofa telephone
toothbrush hairbrush


angry big cheap
cute dark dirty
expensive fast happy
high loud old
sad scary short
tall thin ugly


PDF for easy saving and printing: Which is plus comparative drawing game

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