EAP and Study Abroad Past Continuous Accusations Game

Choose one of the strange situations below and tell your partner that you saw then doing it. Can they think of a good reason why they did it? (You can’t say that you weren’t doing it)

When I saw you…

… you were carrying a desk top computer out of the computer lab.

…you were wearing swimming shorts and a Hawaiian shirt during your graduation ceremony.

…you were taking a shower with your clothes on

…you were putting your trainers in the microwave

…you were washing your shoes in the washing machine

…you were looking in your notebook during a test

…you were texting someone during an exam

…you were secretly taking your classmate’s photo with your mobile phone

…you were camping in the campus

…you were kissing your tutor in your tutorial

…you were changing the age on your student ID

…you were putting a double vodka into your friend’s beer when they weren’t looking

…you were climbing into the student halls through a window

…you were taking someone else’s underwear off the washing line

…you were writing your name on the top of someone else’s homework

…you were sleeping during the lecture

…you were wearing your host mother’s clothes.

… you were walking out of a pub before your morning lecture.

… you were copying another student’s essay.

… you were giving an envelope full of money to a professor.

… you were changing the grade on your degree certificate.

… you were eating your sandwiches off your mortarboard hat.

… you were wearing a school uniform in your university lecture.

… you were throwing your housemate’s notes out of the window.

…you were brushing your hair with your flatmate’s toothbrush.


PDF for easy saving and printing: EAP and Study Abroad Past Continuous Accusations Game

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2 Responses to EAP and Study Abroad Past Continuous Accusations Game

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  2. Susan Claros says:

    very funny I will use this for sure!

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