IELTS Speaking Part Three on the topic of music

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 6

Student A

1. At what age can people go clubbing in your country? (Is that the right age limit?)

2. Do you think it is possible to judge someone’s personality from their taste in music? (Why/ Why not?)

3. Do you think it is true that anyone can sing with the right training? (Why?)

4. Do you think pop stars can be a bad influence on young people? (Can you give some examples?)

5. Do you think that allowing more buskers in this city is a good idea? (Why/ Why not?)

6. How could the government help domestic musicians become more popular overseas? (Do you think it is important for the government to do so?)

7. How does pop music now compare to when you were growing up? (Why do you think that is so?)

8. How important is it to learn how to play music when you are young? (Why?)

9. How much does the internet influence how you listen to music? (Do you think it will do so more in the future?)

10. Is foreign music or music from your country more popular with people your age? (Why do you think that is?)

11. Is there any future for CDs, do you think? (How long might they still be around?)

12. Recently many singers and groups have first become famous through television talent shows. What do you think about this?

13. What do you think about illegal downloading of music? (What should be done about it?)

14. What would the advantages and disadvantages of being stricter about illegal downloading of music be? (Would it generally be a good thing?)

15. What do you think about music education in your country? (How could it be improved?)


IELTS Speaking Part Three on the topic of music

Student B

16. Can you think of any bad effects of listening to music with headphones? (Is it worth it anyway?)

17. Do you think it is okay to give copies of your music to your friends? (Why/ why not?)

18. Do you think it is possible to learn another language from listening to music in that language? Why/ why not?

19. Do you think music while you are studying generally helps or not? (Why?)

20. Do you think the government needs to do more to preserve traditional music? (What could they do?)

21. How do you think the music industry will change in the future? (Will the changes be mainly positive or negative, in your opinion?)

22. How has music and the music industry changed over the last ten years? (Are those changes mainly positive or negative, in your opinion?)

23. How important is music for young people nowadays, do you think? (Is that different from the past?)

24. In what ways does music education benefit children? (Does that make it worth the money?)

25. Is music from your country popular elsewhere? (Why do you think that is the case?)

26. Is music important to people your age in your country? (How do you think that compares to other places?)

27. Is there a danger that online music sales could kill shops that sell music? (How important is that issue?)

28. Is there anything distinctive about pop music from your country? (What countries is it most similar to?)

29. What do you think the effect of more music in schools would be? (Do you think it might happen?)

30. Why do some people hate “canned music” in public places like supermarkets and elevators, do you think? (Do you feel the same way?)


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