FCE Speaking Part One on the Media

Ask each other questions that are in some way connected to the present.

Useful language

Are you… ing (at the moment)?

Have you… recently?

Have you been … ing recently?

Do you often…?

How often do you…?

What kind of… do you usually…?

Ask similar personal questions about the media.

Check under the folded line whether there are any questions you missed, then continue asking the other Speaking Part One questions about the media.


Present questions

 Are you following any news stories at the moment?/ Have you been following any news stories recently?

 How often do you listen to the radio? (What kinds of programmes do you usually listen to?)

 Do you often buy a newspaper? (Why/ Why not?)

 Do you have a subscription to any newspapers or magazines? (How did you first decide to get that subscription?/ Are you thinking about getting any?)

 How much time do you spend keeping up with the news? (Do you think that is time well spent?)

 Do your parents read a newspaper? (What do you think about that publication?)

Other questions

 Have you ever tried reading or listening to the news in English? (How was it?)

 Is staying up to date with the news important to you? (Why/ Why not?)

 How do you generally prefer to keep up with the news? (What do you like about that way of doing it?)

 Has the way that you get the news changed in the last few years? (How is it different now?)

 How do you think the media in your country will change in the next 20 years?

 Do you think you will still be reading paper-based media in 20 years’ time? (Why/ Why not?)

What possible answers could there be to the last question?


PDF version for easy printing: FCE_Speaking_Part_One_on_the_Media

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