Present Perfect Simple and Continuous numbers guessing

Part One

Ask your partner to guess a number or length of time connected to your past and present with “How long have I been…ing?” and “How many … have I …?” When your partner guesses with “(I think) you have been… ing for … minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ months/ years” or “(I think) you have… one/ two/ a hundred/ a thousand…” give them clues to how they need to change their answer with the Useful Language below.

Possible topics







Useful language

Much much more/ less

Much more/ less

Quite a lot more/ less

A little bit more/ less

A tiny bit more/ less

Part Two

This time, give your partner a length of time or number connected to your life until now and see if they can make the correct sentence.

Example dialogue

A: “12”

B: “You have had 12 girlfriends”

A: “No, try again”

B: “You have fallen off your bike 12 times”

A: “No, but getting closer. It’s connected to travel”

B: “You have been to 12 countries”

A: “Well done. That’s correct”


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Pres Perf Simple Continuous numbers guessing

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