Animal idioms Pictionary

Draw the idiom (the literal word by word and/ or actual idiomatic meaning) until your partner guesses, preferably without looking at the list.

Water off a duck’s back.


To breed like rabbits.


To drink like a fish.


Running around like a headless chicken.


As stubborn as a mule.


Like rats from a sinking ship.


Pigs might fly!


To have butterflies in your stomach.


His bark is worse than his bite.


Have a cat nap.


As strong as an ox.


When the cat’s away, the mice will play.


As blind as a bat.


The bee’s knees.


Kill two birds with one stone.


Flogging a dead horse.


I could eat a horse!


The black sheep of the family.


Running around like a blue-arsed fly.



PDF for easy saving and printing:Animal idioms Pictionary

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