Conversational reactions Answer me game

Use one of the questions below and reply to your partner’s real or made up story of their weekend. If you use the phrase that they have chosen, they get one point. If not, they will try again with another story.

You look relaxed/ like death (warmed up)/ like I feel

Did you get the chance to meet up with your family/ chill/ catch up on…/ study/…?

How was your weekend?

Did you have a good one?

Horrible weather, wasn’t it?

Get up to much?

Did you get out and about?

Busy/ relaxing/ nice weekend?

Do anything exciting/ interesting?

I hope you had fun on your days off

That’s (such) a coincidence No way!/ You’re kidding!/ You’re having me on!/ You’re pulling my leg! You must’ve felt awful/ like a right idiot/ really embarrassed I’m glad to hear that/ I’m pleased to hear that/ I’m so happy for you
You lucky thing!/ I’m green with envy! Wow!/ (gasp) I’m sure you don’t really mean that/ Surely you’re exaggerating That doesn’t sound like you!/ That doesn’t sound like your kind of thing!
I don’t know what to say/ I’m speechless/ Congratulations Well done/ You must be very proud Better luck next time
That’s bad luck/ That’s tough luck I knew you could do it You deserved it That sounds nice/ relaxing/ fantastic
Why? What’s up?/ Why? What happened? Oh well I’m sorry to hear that/ Oh dear, you poor thing/ That’s a shame/ That’s a pity It serves you right!/ You’ve only got yourself to blame
I know what you mean. The same thing happened to me/ I was the same last week That must be/ must’ve been horrible/ awful/ terrible

– Brainstorm situations for the last six above.

– Look at the dialogues at the beginning of Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 4 and see if they are similar to ones you brainstormed


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Conversational reactions answer me

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