Animal vocabulary games, worksheets, stories, songs and flashcards

Animal words PDFs and teaching tips for high and low level kids and adults – hopefully clear which is which. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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Photocopiable animal vocabulary classroom activities for EFL learners

Describing animals with verbs of senses games – NEW

Can a Kangaroo Drink Your Blood? animal abilities mix and match

Is a cockroach pretty? adjectives and animals mix and match

Subject questions drawing game (with animals and clothes vocabulary)

Animals guessing game and discussion (modals and opinions)

Animal idioms pictionary

Abilities of animals can/ can’t games

Comparing animals random pelmanism

Do you like animals pelmanism

Basic questions about animals games

FCE Writing Part One essays on animals

FCE Speaking Part Three on animals

FCE Speaking Part Four on animals

Pick words to make the underwater picture

Superlatives animal pictionary challenge game

Animals dimensions guessing games

Feelings and animals pictionary

Body parts and animals drawing worksheet

Designing our own bug

Draw the animals that can do the actions

Animal ears headdresses

Mini beasts Add the missing letter

IELTS Speaking Parts Two and Three on animals

Other PDFs including animal vocabulary

Colours, numbers and objects dice games (for word recognition, see page 5 for the animal vocab)

Requests and enquiries with have games (with clothes vocabulary, furniture vocabulary, classroom vocabulary, food vocabulary, animal vocabulary, sports vocabulary and toy vocabulary)

Animals and body parts possessive S drawing game

Animals, body and possessive S pictionary advanced version

Clothes, body and animals possessive S pictionary game

Animal vocabulary songs

From Head to Toe song (lots of good actions, but crappy tune)

Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow (animated video with words)

Words to There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf wiggle wiggle (good for pre-school)

Names of baby animals song

The animals went in two by two song (animated video with words)

Animal vocabulary stories

Pets at the animal shelter  (on LearnEnglishKids)

The ABC Zoo  (ditto)

Animal vocabulary flashcards

Animals beginning with vowels flashcards

Animals which begin with consonants flashcards

Big selection of animal flashcards

What animals eat flashcards

Flashcards for the book Monkey Puzzle

Flashcards for the book Over in the Meadow

Articles about teaching animal vocabulary

Using animals to teach other language points

Updated 12 December 2022

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