IELTS Writing Task 1 process task games/ worksheets

Describing processes/ flowcharts PDFs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 13 April 2021

e-book including process task material

Teaching IELTS Writing: Interactive Classroom Activities (over 300 pages, including 60 pages specific to process tasks) – NEW

IELTS Academic Writing Part One flowchart task classroom activities

and see the e-book above for polished up versions of these and many more

Verbs for describing processes

The process of IELTS Listening (to tie together Academic Writing Part One and Listening, with useful exam and self-study tips)

IELTS Writing process and process tasks (talking about how to plan and write IELTS task one in general, then linking that to language for process tasks)

Use and remember the IELTS process task phrases

IELTS process tasks error correction and discussion

IELTS Writing part one Describing processes phrases

Making food IELTS process task practice

IELTS process tasks practice

Describing processes games

IELTS Writing Part One flowchart exam tasks 

Weather forecasts IELTS process task

Cement and concrete production process IELTS task

Silkworms and silk flowchart IELTS exam task

Paperclip production flowchart IELTS task (wording of the question needs changing/ updating)

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