IELTS Food trends and speaking

Focus on IELTS

Compare your homework writing tasks. What are the similarities and differences?

Brainstorm phrases meaning:

Go up

Go down

Be flat

Go up and down

Use similar phrases to describe the graphs on page 19 and 21.

Do you think the same trend would be true in your country and other countries (for people your age or people generally)?

Choose one of the food-related topics below and explain the past, present and/ or future trends for yourself, people your age in your country, people in your country generally or the whole world. Your partner must guess who and what you are speaking about.

• High fat foods

• Low fat foods

• Fast food

• Junk food

• Microwave meals/ Boil in the bag meals

• Fruit and vegetables

• American food

• Food that comes from your country

• Organic food

• Alcohol

• Italian food

• Dieting

• Weight

• Skipping meals

• Vending machines

• Convenience stores

• Eating at your desk

• Eating walking along the street

• Eating disorders (anorexia etc)

• Cholesterol


Do the same for other things related to food.



Discuss the following questions together, using the questions in brackets to stimulate more discussion if you need to.


• What are your favourite and least favourite foods? (Do most people your age who you know feel that way?)

• Would you say that you have a healthy diet? (What makes you say that?)

• How often do you cook? Do you think that will change in the future?

• What kinds of food would you like to cut down on? (Why that food/ those foods?)

• What kinds of food do you think you should eat more of? (Why?)

• Do you ever skip meals? (Why?)

• What is your opinion of organic food? (Why do you feel that way?)

You are going to listen to someone interviewing a student for a survey on the topic of food. What questions do you think they will ask, and what will his answers be?

Look at the task on page 22. Which answers do you expect and what words might he use to say those things?

Listen and check.

Do the same for a talk about healthy eating for students on page 23.


PDF version for easy printing: IELTS trends and speaking on food

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