Small talk games/ worksheets

PDFs and teaching ideas for chatting about your journey, the weather, what you do, your weekend, etc. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic. 

Updated 26 August 2019


over 100 pages of small talk photocopiables in

Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities – NEW

Small talk index pages

Talking about your week and weekend page

Photocopiable small talk classroom activities

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Being sympathetic and unsympathetic

Basic personal questions coin bluffing game

Small talk after not meeting for a while

Business English small talk questions with Present Perfect and Past Simple

Business English small talk questions with be and do

Small talk with present tenses to start meetings (with useful phrases for ending the small talk and getting down to business)

Past Simple small talk questions

Wh questions for making small talk

Needs analysis and business small talk

Typical business questions brainstorming game

Discussion questions about small talk

Social language at conferences and trade fairs

Social English for business

Topics that are good for small talk

Talking about your company and job

Arts and media page

Current affairs/ News page

Describing people page

Describing places page

Education page

Family page

Food and drink page

Sports page

Weather page

Other related pages

Social English page – NEW LINK

Speaking main page

Taboo topics page

Starting and ending conversations page

Meeting people and greetings page

Business socialising main page

Business functional language main page