Classroom language games, worksheets and flashcards for students and teachers

Classroom vocabulary and phrases PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 11 February 2021

Classroom language flashcards

Classroom objects flashcards (mainly chosen to practise shapes)

Photocopiable classroom language materials for students

Classroom vocabulary first letters games (TPR, drawing games and memory games) – NEW

Don’t Listen to Your Chair! classroom instructions imperative mix and match

Classroom instructions number word recognition TPR practice

Classroom language for Zoom lessons activities

Requests and enquiries with have games (with clothes vocabulary, furniture vocabulary, classroom vocabulary, food vocabulary, animal vocabulary, sports vocabulary and toy vocabulary)

Classroom language Simon Says TPR dice game

Colours, numbers and classroom vocabulary pick and draw game

Colours, numbers and objects dice games (for word recognition, see page 4 for the classroom vocab)

Prepositions of position classroom flashcard games (useable with any flashcards)

Describing classroom objects with passive voice

Make true sentences about the classroom by taking cards

Classroom requests game

Big and small classroom objects pictionary

Our topsy turvy school prepositions project

Ghosts prepositions of position and classroom language game

Prepositions and school vocabulary Normal or strange?

Classroom treasure hunt prepositions

This that these those pictionary

Classroom language Present Continuous sounds

Classroom questions auxiliary verbs

Good behaviour mimes

Good and bad behaviour robot pictionary and mimes

Classroom objects cross out the extra letters

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1 vocabulary classroom questions

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 vocab classroom questions practice

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Units 1 and 2 classroom questions quiz

Classroom language worksheets for teaching or teacher training

Classroom language collocations Snap

Classroom language determiners review

Classroom language Functions review

Useful classroom language for Elementary students

Classroom language teacher training worksheets

Classroom language gestures/ body language/ miming game

Classroom language reversi

Classroom language Add errors

Classroom language random pelmanism

Classroom language problems and solutions discussion

Classroom language quotes and discussion questions

Add the determiners to the instructions for pelmanism

Classroom language teaching ideas

Actions for classroom vocabulary

The big list of classroom objects

Classroom verb + noun collocations list

Related pages

Classroom management articles and lists of language

Checking/ Clarifying page

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