Writing tasks for New Cutting Edge Intermediate

Module 11

• Creative writing- Write a story about someone suing a company for a ridiculous idea
• Essay- Write your ideas for how to solve the “Compensation culture” described on pages 118 and 119
• Essay- Choose one of the statements on page 117 and write about why you agree or disagree with it
• Essay- Choose one of the statements on page 117 and write about the advantages and disadvantages of that thing and then your conclusion
• Short and easy creative writing- Make up some more crazy laws
• Creative writing- Write about a country where there are rules about everything and signs telling you what to do everywhere
• Longer essay- Write about the Korean legal system

Module 12

• Write about how your life would have been different if you had taken different decisions in the past
• Write about how your country’s or the world’s history would have been different if a major event had turned out differently, e.g. if a different side had won a war
• Write about what you would have done if you had been in Debra and Andrew Veal’s situation, what might have happened, and how you would have felt about it and why
• Write a real or imaginary story about a difficult decision you or someone else had to take
• Creative writing- Write an imaginary continuation of Debra and Andrew Veal’s lives
• Creative writing- Write a story about someone who makes their decisions with a dice
• Essay- Write whether you agree or disagree with this statement and why- “I think people should take decisions quickly without thinking about them too much”
• Article- Read and listen to other sources about Andrew and Debra Veal (e.g. put Debra Andrew Veal in Google.com in English) and then write your own version of their story
• Simple newspaper article- Write a letter from a reader asking for the readers advice and then several different reader reactions, similar to page 128/ 129
• Write about one song that makes you feel happy or sad
• Creative writing- Poetry/ song lyrics- Copy the lyrics of a sad or happy song and then write one more verse
• Diary entry- Write about how you feel about coming to the end of the course
• Diary entry- Write about decisions you have to make or made recently
• Story- Write about a real or imaginary time when it was difficult to say goodbye

Consolidation Modules 9-12

• Creative writing/ article- Write a story about an unsuccessful tourist similar to the one on page 132
• Simpler article- Write your own version of the story on page 132 without looking at the book. Feel free to make up any details you can’t remember or you think will make the story more interesting.
• Essay- Choose one of the statements from page 133 Exercise E and write about why you disagree or agree with that statement.

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