Present continuous sound impressions

Choose one of the things below and make the noise with just your mouth (not doing any actions). Give one point to the first person to make a full and correct sentence (e.g. “An ambulance is coming”)

Kissing on the cheeks

Smelling a nappy

Plucking a rubber band

Using a pencil sharpener

Shooting a water pistol

Scratching your nails on the blackboard

Eating crunchy food

Ripping (= tearing) some paper

An ambulance/ police car/ fire engine coming

Shaking a Tippex pen

A hen clucking

A hen laying an egg

A sea lion speaking

A dolphin clicking


Two cars crashing

A duck quacking

A vulture squawking

Punching someone with your fist

Drinking soup

A telephone ringing

Writing a text on your mobile

Using an air conditioner remote control

Playing a portable computer game





Banging your belly (= stomach = tummy)

Slapping someone’s cheeks

Bursting balloons


Nibbling a carrot






A goat bleating

What other sounds can you make with your mouth? Can your classmates identify them?

Which things above are naughty?

What other naughty things can you think of?

Accuse your partner of doing one of the naughty things. Can they think of a good excuse?


PDF version for easy printing: PresentContinuousSoundsWithMouth

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