Technical English mimes

Choose one of things below and mime it until your partner guesses what you are doing.

You are trying to move a stiff lever

A pipe is leaking

The knife is blunt

The bulb has blown out

You are cleaning the computer’s monitor

The remote control’s batteries are flat

You are tightening a bolt

You are changing some batteries ( e.g. in a remote control)

You are changing a light bulb

You are winding up a hose (to put it away)

You are tightening some screws

You are oiling something (e.g. a lock, door hinges, a joint)

You are sharpening a pencil

You are sharpening a (kitchen) knife

You are tearing a book

You are driving a fork lift

You are putting out a fire (with a hand-held fire extinguisher)

You are ticking items on a checklist

You are gesturing for a truck to back up

You are climbing the stairs to the top of a tank

You are tying the ropes of a docking ship

You are putting on protective clothing (goggles, helmet, gloves etc.)

You are doing first aid on a colleague

You are using a walkie-talkie

You are counting barrels

You are unblocking a pipe

You are drilling a hole

You are gesturing to people on the (tanker) ship

You are performing a test on a sample of some chemicals

You are cleaning up some spilled chemicals

You are fixing the printer (e.g. taking out jammed paper)

The scissors are blunt

Do the same with other typical actions from your job.


PDF version for easy printing: TechnicalEnglishMimes

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