Academic English games/ worksheets for EAP classes

EAP PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching academic English articles

First lessons for Academic English classes – LINK UPDATED

Index pages in this section

Academic discussions games/ worksheets

Academic Word List (AWL) games/ worksheets page

EAP first lessons page

Academic writing worksheets

University applications worksheets

Writing academic bios page

Functional language for academic writing page

Academic emails page

Related pages

Education vocabulary worksheets

Academic areas index pages

Social Science/ Social issues page

History page

Economics vocabulary page

Functional language for academic writing and speaking index pages

Brainstorming in groups phrases page

Comparing and contrasting page

Advantages and disadvantages page

Clarifying/ checking worksheets page

Generalising worksheets page

Giving examples phrases page

Opinions worksheets page

Purpose, cause and effect page

Supporting arguments page

Giving presentations page (most used with EAP classes)

Other photocopiable Academic English classroom activities

Negative prefixes jigsaws (with CPE and academic vocabulary versions and presentation stage)

Leading seminars and discussion review (27 pages!)

Leading seminars and discussions longer phrases card games

Leading seminars and discussions politeness competition game

Certainty and uncertainty in Academic English (adverbs etc)

Classifying and ranking academic phrases

Longer academic phrases card game

Academic Word List giving examples guessing game

Clarifying meanings in Academic English

Academic Word List advantages and disadvantages phrases practice

Academic Word List phrases for expressing purpose practice

Academic Word List trends language

Academic Word List comparing and contrasting phrases practice

Academic Word List vocabulary for expressing certainty and uncertainty

Academic Word List practice of expressing cause and effect

Academic Word List positive and negative connotations

Academic Word List vocabulary with negative prefixes

Academic countable and uncountable nouns with the same root

Academic countable and uncountable nouns with the same meaning

Academic English Same or different (for common confusions and ways of not repeating)

Expressing purpose and cause and effect (with lots of Academic Word list vocabulary in it)

Academic vocabulary antonyms reversi game

Academic vocabulary synonyms reversi game

Academic vocabulary random pelmanism

Academic Word List call my bluff

Academic Word List collocations pairwork

Academic Word List dominoes

Academic English language of concession

Lists of useful language

70 useful expressions for academic writing by key word

Updated 30 August 2022

1 Response to Academic English games/ worksheets for EAP classes

  1. This is hugely useful – thank you for your time putting this list together and adding all the resources. For a group of EAP students, I’ve made a needs analysis using this list.

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