Near miss Newspaper headlines

Landmark Advanced Unit 4.1

All the headlines below are taken from a Google News search today (17 May 2010) of the term “a near miss”. What do you think the stories are, and what was the near miss in each case? Start with the easiest ones to guess.

Metro oversight committee slams agency over near-miss/ New Metro leadership facing heat for latest safety misstep

Gamblers enjoy a ‘near miss’ almost as much as a win

Scudetto Decided as Bafana Thrash Thailand

National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Everybody Onboard?

Military flights restricted after RAF Typhoon’s near-miss with airliner

Angels serve to carry message of God

The Times Square bomb failed. What will we do when the next bomb works?

Alonso escapes, fine for Ferrari/ Ferrari fined $20000 for pit near-miss

Suspicious luggage incident at Bush Airport cleared Top 3 Headlines

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Rupert Dodges Two Bullets

Melvin the Mummy’s New Clothes

Young Ryan learns the value of life – and how easy it is to die – after near-miss

Ask your teacher about any stories that you had no idea about

Which of the near misses above could happen to an ordinary person?

Brainstorm other everyday near misses, e.g. spilling something.

Listen to the recording (T 4.1) and see whether it is a near miss that is on your list.

Make up other near miss stories using the common newspaper verbs below:

To eye

A hearing

A case

To back

To curb

A probe/ To probe

To pen


To hike

To ink

To besiege

To crackdown/ A crackdown

To alert/ An alert

To target/ A target

To reveal

To battle

To deny


An envoy

To be rumoured/ A rumour

To seek

To offer/ An offer

An enquiry

To protest/ A protest

To cut/ A cut




A lull

To stand trial

To risk/ A risk

A safeguard/ To safeguard

To fight/ A fight

To reject

To doubt/ A doubt

To sentence/ A sentence

To charge/ A charge

To remain

To threat/ A threat

To demand/ A demand

To be held

To oversee


PDF version for easy printing: NearMissHeadlines

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