Relative clauses games/ worksheets

Updated 23 April 2017

Article on teaching relative clauses

25 defining and non-defining relative clauses games – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable relative clauses classroom activities

Defining relative clauses personalised practice

Different ways of learning English relative clauses practice

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice (some specific to Japanese and other Asian food, but easily adaptable)

Defining relative clauses discuss and agree

Defining and non-defining relative clauses definitions bluffing game

How British is your English? (different relative pronouns for defining relative clauses)

How British is your Financial English? (ditto)

open cloze practice of relative clauses (for FCE Use of English Part Two, but useful for other classes)

Technology relative clauses definitions game

Plot summaries add the relative clauses

Relative clauses slang Call my bluff

New Headway Pre-Intermediate vocabulary definitions game

Inside Out Upper Vocabulary revision relative clauses game

Business idioms definitions game

Korean cultural codewords relative clauses definitions

Blog posts

Games to practise relative clauses


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