IELTS Speaking Part One on the topic of music

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 6

Student A

1. Are there any good places to hear live music in this city? (What is the best way to get information about such places?)

2. Can you play any musical instruments? (How often do you do so?)

3. Did you enjoy music lessons at school? (Why/ Why not?)

4. Do you mainly listen to music from your own country or other places? (What appeals about that music to you?)

5. Do you use music to relax? (What other purposes do you use music for?)

6. Have you ever been to an outdoor music festival? (Why not?/ How was it?)

7. How do you feel about the music played in cafes and bars? (How would you change it if you could?)

8. How do you usually listen to music? (What are the advantages of that method?)

9. How much of an ordinary day do you spend with headphones on? (How would you feel about spending more time doing so?)

10. Is there any music which you would like to buy? (Why not?/ What that music in particular?)

11. Was music important to you when you were younger? (Has that changed?)

12. What kind of music do you like? (Has your taste changed over time?)

13. When did you last listen to music? (Where were you at the time?)

14. When did you last pay for some music? (Was it worth the money?)

15. Would you say that you are knowledgeable about modern music? (Do you do anything to try to keep up to date?)

Student B

1. Are there any good record shops in this city? (What other ways do you buy music?)

2. Can you remember what the first music you bought for yourself was? (What kinds of music did you like back then?)

3. Do you like clubbing? (Why/ Why not?)

4. Do you wish you’d spent more time learning an instrument when you were younger? (Why/ Why not?)

5. Does music form a part of your average day? (How/ Why not?)

6. Does your hometown have much of a music scene? (How could it be improved?)

7. Have you ever been to a musical? (Would you like to in the future?)

8. How do you usually hear new music for the first time? (Are there any other good ways?)

9. If you could play any musical instrument, which would it be? (Why that one?)

10. Were you forced to learn a musical instrument when you were younger? (How do you feel about that now?)

11. What do you think about traditional music from your country? (Do most people feel the same way?)

12. What kinds of music do you listen to most often nowadays? (How long has that been the case?)

13. When did you last go to a concert? (How was it?)

14. Would you put pressure on your children to learn a musical instrument when they were still young? (Why/ Why not?)

15. Would you say that you have a good singing voice? (What do other people say?)


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part One music

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