Everybody Up 4 games/ worksheets

Each unit below has worksheets I specifically wrote for this class then other useful index pages (where both are available).

Unit 1

Likes and dislikes page

Unit 2

Superlatives Pictionary challenge game

Superlatives animal dimensions guessing game

Comparatives and superlatives page

Animals page

Unit 3

Appearance fairytale chain stories

Appearance page

Unit 4

Free time sentence completion personalised guessing game

Hobbies and Present Continuous mimes

Free time sentence completion bluff

Unit 5

Regular Simple Past pron and storytelling

Irregular Simple Past pron and storytelling

Past Simple Liar game

Past Simple page

Food for young learners page

Unit 6

Units 4 to 6 sentence construction requests game

Asking for letters spelling requests game

Requests in the classroom game

Helping people Past tenses bluff

Likes and dislikes page

Requests page

Unit 7

Prohibitions Guess the place

Prohibitions signs pictionary

How many people want to sentence construction game

What I want challenge game

Want to sentence completion games

Want to page

Unit 8

Going to Guess the action speaking game

Going to mimes

Guess the future times game

Writing tasks about the future (Units 7 and 8 test)

Going to page


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