Clothes and appearance words The same or different

Decide if each line below has exactly the same meaning or not. If there are more than two, they are all the same or all different. Even a small difference means that they are different.

accessories/ jewellery

backpack/ satchel

bathrobe/ dressing gown

blazer/ jacket

bomber jacket/ jumper

bow/ ribbon

bowtie/ tie

braces/ suspenders

business shirt/ dress shirt

cap/ hat

cardigan/ sweater

crew cut/ skinhead

custom made/ tailor made

denim/ jeans

dressing gown/ gown

fastener/ zip

flip flops/ sandals

flip flops/ thongs

glass/ glasses

glasses/ spectacles/ specs

glasses/ sunglasses

greying hair/ hair flecked with grey

handbag/ shoulder bag

headscarf/ winter scarf

high heel/ high heels

jumper/ jacket

jumper/ sweater/ pullover

leggings/ trousers/ tights

long-sleeved T-shirt/ T-shirt

long-sleeved T-shirt/ sweatshirt/ tracksuit

one-size-fits-all/ unisex

pants/ slacks/ trousers

pants/ underpants

panty hose/ tights

parasol/ umbrella

plimsolls/ trainers

purse/ handbag

purse/ wallet

scarf/ winter scarf/ wooly scarf

shirt/ top/ T-shirt

short-sleeved/ sleeveless

shorts/ short-sleeved

sneaker/ sports shoes/ trainers

stockings/ tights

tracksuit/ trainers

trainers/ sneakers/ sports shoes

undershirt/ vest

velcro/ zip

vest/ waistcoat

winter scarf/ wooly scarf

zip/ zipper


PDF for easy saving and printing: clothes-and-appearance-words-the-same-or-different

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