Numbers games, worksheets, stories and songs for EFL learners

Updated 23 April 2017

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Articles on teaching numbers page (seven articles with many game ideas)

Days, months, dates and times page

There is/ There are page

Trends page

Photocopiable numbers classroom activities for EFL learners

How much and how many trivia quiz (countable and uncountable, pronouncing numbers and comparing/ contrasting) – NEW

Correct the typical mistakes with English numbers

English number the same or different game

Social issues numbers pairwork

Legal trivia numbers pairwork

Olympics statistics pairwork guessing game

Numbers review for computer engineers

Numbers for architects guessing game

Medical numbers trivia (on onestopenglish so subscription needed)

Best of Japan number trivia

Business and financial number trivia (numbers review)

Japan numbers trivia pairwork low level version

Engineering dimensions and comparing games

Architecture dimensions guessing game

Numbers extended speaking game

Technical English measurements and superlatives

Different ways of saying numbers and Saying numbers and letters in different ways

Numbers Same or Different

Clarifying language and numbers review

Numbers What’s the difference?

Numbers in sport

Big numbers in British and American English

Number idioms and proverbs

Numbers pronunciation and speaking review

Pick numbers shapes feelings and parts of your face to make crazy pictures

Numbers songs for EFL learners

Ten in the Bed from SuperSimpleLearning (counting down from 10 to 1)

Number picture books for EFL learners

Ten Beads Tall (students guess the heights and widths of things, then measure to check)

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