Advice, recommendations and suggestions games/ worksheets

44 suggesting/ recommending/ advising PDFs and teaching ideas, plus lists of useful advice phrases. If you find anything useful here, please support TEFLtastic.

E-book with advice/ recommendations/ suggestions activities

40 pages of invitations and recommendations photocopiables, including improved versions of some of the worksheets below, in:

Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities Second Edition– NEW EDITION

Teaching advice articles/ blog posts

12 fun recommendations activities – NEW

How to teach recommendations, advice and suggestions – LINK UPDATED

Giving advice activities to practice other language blog post

Tips and useful phrases blog post

List of useful language for giving advice and recommending

Useful language for advice and recommendations (list of phrases arranged by level for teachers and students)

Photocopiable advice, recommendations and suggestions classroom materials

Strong and weak medical advice

Guess the medical problems from the advice

Weather and advice practice

Advice on language learning problems (polished up version – good for learner training too)

Longer advice phrases card games

Recommendations with movie vocabulary

Recommendations and invitations for foreign visitors review (with lots of vocabulary of places)

Advice and recommendations future time expressions practice

Recommending arts and media (with lot of useful art and media language)

Recommendations with superlatives

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations

Clothes and appearance recommendations

Solutions to countable and uncountable problems

HR vocabulary problems and solutions

Language of trends and advice practice

Recommendations and embedded questions

Travel and tourism recommendations numbers practice

Expressions with make and do giving advice speaking practice

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

How questions and advice dice game (linking suggestions to easy small talk questions)

Giving advice on personality problems

Relationships Advice and proverbs

Giving advice Vocabulary revision game

If I were you phrasal verbs Advice game

Language learning advice modal verbs practice

Recommending countries to visit Version 1 (with tricky names of countries and cities)

Recommending countries to visit Version 2  (ditto)

Recommending places to visit Advanced version (with useful vocabulary for describing different kinds of people, vocab for describing places, and tricky country and city names)

Business English advice guessing game (including collocations with make and do)

HR vocabulary advice practice

Should and should have things in common

Give advice using the presentations vocabulary

Advice for foreign travellers (zero conditional with imperative and modals)

Advice for parents (zero conditional with imperative and modals)

Third conditional and past modals advice

Travel advice Guess the country (with cultural info on UK, Australia and New Zealand)

Verbs with back problems and solutions

Should have for past regrets and advice

Preparing presentations tips discussion (with lots of useful advice language)

Sentences with “in case” discuss and agree

Travel advice – South Korea

Recommending music for particular situations

Sue or something else? giving advice practice

Give advice on emailing and other business communication (with useful phrases for advice)

Presentations cultural differences (language of advice)

Advice on business emailing (plus roleplay meeting to decide on company email policy)

Business Xmas card do’s and don’ts (imperatives for advice)

Advice on business communications

Bad business meetings advice

Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

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Updated 26 August 2022

2 Responses to Advice, recommendations and suggestions games/ worksheets

  1. Mabel says:

    None of these things are suggestions!!!

  2. alexcase says:

    Really? What’s the difference between what you are thinking of and what is here then?

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