Talking about a newspaper or magazine extended speaking

Talk as long as you can about one magazine or newspaper. When you have finished, your partner will ask you for more information, e.g. things from the list below

 Where you buy it

 Where else it is possible to buy it

 Subscription?

 How often you buy and read it

 Which bits you read first

 Bits you skip (= not read)

 The best and worst things about it

 Size, thickness and colours

 What kind of publication it is

 Similarities and differences to other publications

 Where and when you read it

 How long you read it (at one stretch and in total)

 Other people you know who read it

 Other people’s opinion of it

 How it could be improved

 Its circulation (and compared to other publications)

 Contents

 Political position?

 Advertising in it

 Getting more or less popular?


PDF for easy saving and printing: NewspapersMagazinesSpeaking

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