BULATS Speaking Part Two tasks on organisations

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 3

You are going to give a short presentation.  You have a choice of three topics.  Choose one that you feel you can talk about.  You have one minute to prepare your talk.  Then you will have one minute to speak about it.  You can make notes if you wish. 


A: Speak about a time an organisation that you were involved in or know about was reorganised. Your talk should include:

  • The original organisational structure
  • The new organisational structure
  • The biggest changes

And say what people’s reactions were to the changes and why.



B: Talk for one minute about a time you met a colleague for the first time. Please include:

  • If you were introduced or had to introduce yourselves
  • What you talked about
  • How long you talked for

And say whether you had a close working relationship after that or not, and why.



C: Talk about hierarchy in an organisation that you have worked for or know about. Things to talk about:

  • How people usually get to high positions in the company
  • What rewards there are for those people
  • What their relationships are like with people lower down

And say what changes you think should be made to how the hierarchy is organised and why.



PDF version for easy printing: BULATS Speaking Part Two organisations

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