Lying discussion questions

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 10 

Do you think there should be a law against people cheating on their husband or wife?

If you thought someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend was cheating on them, would you tell your friend bluntly, find a more diplomatic way of telling them, or just say nothing?

What alternative therapies do you think are bogus?

Have you heard any rumours recently?

Do you know anyone who has been taken in by an April Fool’s Day article or other spoof?

Did you ever lie to your parents and get away with it?

Have you ever spread a rumour (about someone famous or someone you know) that turned out to be false?

Do you think that the moon landings were a hoax? Why do you think some people believe that?

Have you ever seen a forged painting or money? Was it a good copy?

Did you ever tell tales on your siblings or classmates?

Have you ever exaggerated on your CV or during a job interview?

Have you ever taken an oath?

Do you think you could be a good con man? Why/ Why not?

Are you a good liar? What do you have to do to lie in a believable way?

Can you usually tell if people are lying? How is it possible to tell?

Are there ever good reasons for lying? Give some examples of what you think are harmless white lies. 

Part Three – Reading

Grade the examples of lying and telling the truth on page 97 from 5 points (= Absolutely the right thing to do) to 1 point (=Totally unacceptable)

Compare answers with your partner

How do you think the following things are connected to lying?




       Blood pressure

       Breathing rate


       Job interviews





Read the text on page 100/101 and check

How much would you trust each method?

What circumstances do you think it is and isn’t acceptable to use lie detectors?


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2 Responses to Lying discussion questions

  1. Vinicius Mantovani Recla says:

    where is the text that should be read? I didn’t found it

  2. alexcase says:

    Cutting Edge Advanced Module 10. Not sure which edition.

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