Opinions about the IELTS speaking test

IELTS Speaking Part Three/ Giving opinions

Discuss the questions below with your partner, using the language in the “useful language” box if you need, then check the opinions of the whole class and your teacher.

In your opinion, will the language you learn for the IELTS speaking test be useful in your future life?

If you still don’t understand the examiner after they explain something again, do you think it’s a good idea to ask them to explain a third time?

Would you say that having a good IELTS score is the same as being good at speaking English?

What is your reaction to the following statement? “It’s not worth trying to say anything difficult in the IELTS test as you might make mistakes and so lose marks”

Is it okay to lie in the test, e.g. to pretend you have more interesting hobbies than you really have?

Do you think it is okay to use American English in the exam?

Will you get a better mark if you say something interesting?

How many times is it okay to say you don’t understand the question?

If you start slowly in Part One, can you make up for it in Parts Two and Three?

If the Part Two presentation was 3 or 4 minutes instead of 1 or 2 minutes, would it be easier or more difficult?

What are the easiest topics for you in Part One?

What are the most difficult ones?

Is 15 minutes long enough for the examiner to really tell what your level of English is?

Would the exam be easier if you took it in pairs with one more candidate like the other Cambridge exams?

Is it a good idea to study English on the morning of the exam?

Useful language:
 As far as I know…
In my opinion, …
This is just my opinion, but…
Personally speaking, …
My first thoughts on this are (that)….
I would say that…
That is probably/ certainly true.
I have no doubt that…
I’m not sure about this, but I would guess that…
I don’t really have any opinion on this.
I’m afraid this question is too difficult for me to answer.


PDF for easy saving and printing – IELTSspeakingOpinions

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