A person I admire presentations

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 4

Listen to your partner without interrupting or asking questions and just tick the things they mention about the person they are talking about. When they have finished talking, ask questions about the things they didn’t mention.

 Their personality

 Why you chose this person to talk about

 Why you admire them

 Any things you don’t admire about them

 Their life story

 Their greatest achievements

 Their effect on other people

 Their actions

 Things they have said

 Difficulties they went through

 How they compare to other people

 If you’d like to be like them or not

 If you think you could be like them or not

 When you met, heard about or became interested in this person

 What you’ve learnt from them


PDF for easy saving and printing: A person I admire presentations

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1 Response to A person I admire presentations

  1. joanna says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this idea, I intend to use it to sparkle some interest in a book and work towards a composition(b2 level) with some of my students.

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