It is and They are with adjectives Xmas pick and draw game

Take Off 2 Unit 16/ Lift Off 2 Unit 16

Instructions for teachers

Warmer: It is and they are in the classroom

Give a student two balls, paper aeroplanes, etc and say “It is a whiteboard” or “They are whiteboards”, depending on how many are in the room. The student should then throw one or two things to hit one or two things depending on what you said. They then pass those things to the next student and challenge them in the same way.

After a few minutes of this, do the same with adjectives like “It is square” and “They are brown”.

Then move onto combining adjectives and nouns like in the drawing game below, with “It is a red magnet”, “They are big books”, etc.

It and they with be pick and draw

Cut up one set of cards per class or group of students, choosing suitable sets of nouns from below or making up similar ones with different nouns with the blank cards. With those cards, students can:

  • Make sentences of things that they want to draw (on the board, their own piece of paper or a shared piece of paper)
  • Make sentences of things that they want their partner to draw
  • Race to shout out the name of what the teacher or another student is drawing
  • Race to put together a sentence describing what the teacher or another student is drawing
  • Race to draw what the teacher or another student holds up and/ or shouts out
  • Compete to make the best picture of what is held up and/ or shouted out in one minute

 For the guessing games, you can let the students who are guessing look at an un-cut-up copy of the worksheets to help them guess and to add extra reading practice.

After the games have finished, ask them to describe all the pictures on the board, paper, etc.

You can then do the same with more than one adjective for each noun, e.g. “It is a long fast sleigh”.

Students can then make their own cards or write their own sentences with the same or different adjectives to play the same game(s) with.

Cards to cut up and arrange into sentences

It They
is are
a an -s
long short old
loud quiet fast
slow hot cold
happy sad little/ small
big/ large tall angry
square round thin
present Santa
mince pie Christmas stocking
snowball candle
Christmas cake party popper
Christmas tree turkey
sleigh/ sled/ sledge ice skate
scarf winter hat
angel Santa’s sack
carrot Santa’s hat
advent calendar candy cane
snowflake star
Christmas card  


PDF: it is they are with adjectives Xmas pick and draw game


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