Education vocabulary and trends for IELTS

Brainstorm as many examples of those things as you can:

Tertiary education (= post-school education)

Undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate courses

Types of academic writing/ Academic documents

Verb + a test

Noun + test


What are the differences between these things?

A qualification/ A certificate

A diploma/ A degree

A professor/ A lecturer

A cram school/ A private tutor

A lecture/ A lesson

Undergraduate diploma/ Postgraduate diploma

What are these things in American English?

Primary school

Secondary school

6th form college

A three year degree

A second year university student

Your tutor (at school)

(Student) halls



What do these things stand for?









What do these things mean? (You should be able to guess)

Sandwich course

Cram school

Gap year

Scrape through


What are the opposites of these things?

Pass an exam


Private schools

What is wrong with these phrases and sentences?

What is your MA major?

When I graduate from my PhD,…

When I was junior high school student,…

When I was high school,…

A master course

An English hearing test

I escaped from school.

I want to challenge French.

He was my senior/ junior at university.

I want to go to an Ivy College.

I want to be native level.

I wrote my notes in my note with my ball pen.

Cunning is a problem in school tests

The thema of my thesis is…

We will be late for our zeminar.

What are the past, present and future trends for these things in your country? Choose one topic and see if your partner agrees with your description.

 People taking undergraduate degrees (percentage and overall numbers)

 Foreign students

 Studying abroad

 MBAs

 Number of hours studied at school/ university/ Length of the school week

 Study of English

 Mature students

 Entrance requirements/ The difficulty of entering university

 Fees/ The cost of education

 Academic standards

 English-medium courses/ Use of English in universities

 Grades

 Funding/ Cost

 Students working part time

 Use of technology in education

 Cheating


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Education vocabulary and trends for IELTS

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