Marketing vocabulary discussion questions

Inside Out Upper Intermediate U11

Personal ads

Do you think it is possible to find a long term relationship through the personals?

Do you think that newspaper small ads have a future in the days of the internet? Why/ why not?

Advertising, marketing and the media

Would you like to work in an advertising agency? Why/ why not?

Do you blame the worst ads on the advertising agencies or on the companies that employ them?

What do you do when the commercial breaks come on?

Has advanced publicity for a movie ever put you off watching it?

Do you ever get jingles stuck in your head? How do you feel about that? Do you think annoyingly catchy jingles are counterproductive?

How much extra would you pay for a seemingly identical good that was a brand that you knew?

Which British brands have the best brand awareness in your countries? Why do you think those ones are most famous?

Which consumer goods are becoming more popular in your country? Why do you think those ones in particular having growing sales?

Are you loyal to any particular brands? Why/ why not?

How much do you think the economy should be left to market forces?

Movies and the media

What do you think about having trailers at the beginning of movies and DVDs?

Do you think that clips of movies give away too much of the plot?

Which newspaper in your country has the highest circulation? Why do you think that is? Does it deserve that position, in your opinion? Do you think that it will change?

Do you ever buy a newspaper just due to its headline?

Do you read to the end of newspaper articles or not?

Do you think celebrity scandals help sell newspapers and magazines?

Which magazines and newspapers print celebrity scandals in your country? Do broadsheets also publish that kind of information in any way? Do you think they should just ignore the story?

What scandals are in the news at the moment? Do you think that they are true?

How do you think it feels for celebrities to read stories about themselves?


You are going to read the opinion of a tabloid editor who married the famous Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. What do you think he will say about celebrity gossip?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Marketing discussion Qs

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