First conditional sentence completion guessing game

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5

Choose one of the sentence below and tell your partner how you would complete the sentence to make it true for you without saying which sentence it is. They will then try to guess which sentence you are completing.


Fill in at least half the sentences below to make them true for you, then read out just the part you have written to see if your partner can guess which sentence you are reading from

As soon as this class finishes, _______________________

As long as I have enough money, _____________________

Unless it rains, ____________________________________

Before I retire, ____________________________________

If I see my ex-girlfriend/ boyfriend again, ________________

When I next see my mother/ father, ____________________

If I lose my job, ____________________________________

As soon as my weekend starts, _______________________

After I finish the piece of work that I am working on at the moment, ______________________________________

If I have to become a full-time housewife/ househusband, ________________________

If I am distracted the next time I am trying to work/ study, _________________________

If I get promoted, _______________________________________

If my job doesn’t seem secure, ____________________________

If I am offered a great job somewhere remote, _________________

When I next have a day off, ________________________________

When I next have a holiday, ________________________________

Until my English is fluent, __________________________________

If I get fed up with my work/ studies, _____________________________

If I feel exhausted this evening, ________________________________


PDF version for easy printing: First conditional sentence completion

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6 Responses to First conditional sentence completion guessing game

  1. UNTUNG says:

    I like this kind of exercise

  2. maristela says:

    Awesome activity!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Francisca says:

    I served a lot, really thank you! : D

  4. aurora mendez says:

    Put the answers please 😎😀

  5. alexcase says:

    What answers?? There are an infinite number of ways of completing the sentences, and they depend on who is filling them in!

  6. Deidre Zeke says:


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