Cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL classes

Stacks of EFL materials on cultural differences and similarities. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 1 November 2021

Index pages in this section

British culture EFL materials page

UK and USA page

Taboo topics cultural training worksheets

Body language/ gestures cultural differences worksheets

Food and drink cultural differences worksheets

Business EFL cultural training worksheets

Superstitions worksheets

Cultural training worksheets for specific language points

and see the index pages above for many more

Emails from other countries guess the place – NEW

Talking about cultural differences with ‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’

Explaining cultural differences modals practice (with functional language review)

Cultural trends

Making arrangements cultural differences and useful phrases modals practice

Meeting people cultural differences and useful phrases

Present Simple cultural customs bluffing game

Present Simple guess the country

Presentations Advice on Cultural Differences

Advice about visiting your country modals

Cultural rules modals pairwork

Passives guess the country game

Special occasions Reported Speech

Checking English, Australian and NZ names (with checking/ clarifying phrases)

Travel advice guess the country

Cultural generalisations

Other cultural training worksheets

Cultural differences extended speaking (longer version of the worksheet below)

Cultural differences monologues

The Great International Night Out guess the country

Social customs in your country

IELTS-style presentations on cultural differences

Family and friends vocabulary and cultural differences

Britain or America? Business and social cultural differences

Common cultural misunderstandings

Country/ nationality definitions game

Politeness guess the country and discuss

Reasons for cultural differences

Which is more polite?

Transport in the UK trivia quiz


Scottish things flashcards

Other relevant pages

Cultural differences in EFL articles

Worksheets for Koreans (including describing typical festivals, etc)

Worksheets for Japanese students (including explaining Japanese food, etc)

Xmas and New Year worksheets etc (including lots on cultural differences)

Country and nationality words page

1 Response to Cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL classes

  1. All Graduates | Japanese Translation Service says:

    These are amazing worksheets. They can help assess a person’s cultural awareness, and can provide an insight on what they need to be reminded of and take at heart. Cultural training is very important, whether for a company who is after global expansion or hiring foreign staff. Understanding culture can help foster understanding, trust, and acceptance, something that can help improve relationships within a company.

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