Describing art extended speaking

Listen to your partner describe an artwork that they have seen in a museum or gallery. Don’t interrupt, just tick off the things below that they mention. When they have finished, ask them questions about anything they haven’t said.

 Where and when they saw it

 Other works in that exhibition/ museum

 Other works by the same artist

 What the exhibition/ museum was like

 Name of the work and artist

 When and how it was made

 What they think about and know about that artist

 Comparisons to other works and artists

 Materials

 Size

 Colour(s)

 Shape(s)

 Its fame

 Its importance

 If they have seen pictures of it before or since

 If they have read or heard about it

 How well they remember it

 Why they chose this artwork to speak about


PDF for easy saving and printing: Describing art extended speaking

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