Form filling/ Getting to know you

Intermediate Writing Lesson 1

 Take turns asking your partner different questions to find out one piece of information from anywhere below. Please use full questions (e.g. “What is your family name?”) and write their answers down.


NB. When two words or expressions are given divided by a slash (/), that means both are possible ways of saying it, not that you should use both in your question

Surname/ Family name/ Last name (in BLOCK LETTERS)

Maiden name/ Previous surname, if any

First names/ First and middle names (in BLOCK LETTERS)


Place and country of birth

Legal nationality

Country of permanent residence

Passport no.

Place of issue

Date of issue

Date of expiry

Marital status

Sex/ Gender

Date of birth

Age on 30 September 2009

Do you have any disability or special needs? If so, please specify.

Appearance/ Distinguishing features

Blood group


Approx. weight

Are you on any regular medication? If so, please specify.

Present address for correspondence:

House name or number


Town or city

State/ County

Postcode/ Zip code

Valid until:

How long have you been at this address?

Permanent home address (if different)

Tel. No.           Daytime


Mobile/ Cellphone



Best time to contact you

Best method to contact you


Father’s name and profession

Mother’s name and profession

Mother’s maiden name

Who should we contact in case of an emergency?

Full name

Address and contact telephone number

What relationship are they to you?

Please give the names, addresses and positions of two referees:

1. Professional/ Educational Referee

2. Personal Referee

How do you know these people?

Ethnic background (this will not be used for the selection process)

Sexual orientation


Annual income

Do you have any credit cards?

Bank account number and branch/ sort code


Educational history

Criminal convictions

Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?

Discussion questions

Were there any parts of the form you didn’t understand? If so, first ask your partner and then the whole class.

What does N/A stand for and mean? Are there any spaces above you could use it in?

Are there any other questions which might be on those forms and are not included here? How might they be worded on the form and as a full question?

Which questions above seem unusual to you? Are there any you wouldn’t want to answer? What kind of form might they be included on?

Work together to make a list of all the different kinds of forms you might need to fill in in English:

Suggested answers for questions that are not on this form

Port of departure

Port of arrival

Date of arrival in UK if from overseas

How much cash are you carrying on you now?

Are you carrying any alcohol or cigarettes?

Food and plants


Do you live with anyone else?

native language

foreign languages and level

Purpose of your visit

Where will you be staying?

Place of employment or study

Why did you choose X?

How long have you been using X?

Position you are applying for

Relevant experience

Suggested answers for different kinds of forms

Gym membership

Job application

Online application for a website

Immigration and/ or customs form

Expenses claim


PDF version for easy printing: FormFilling

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