(Dealing with) complaints games/ worksheets

15 pdfs on politely complaining and dealing with complaints, plus an article for students. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 26 March 2018

Other relevant pages

Apologies games and worksheets page

Functional language main page – NEW LINK

Telephoning page – NEW LINK

Emailing page – NEW LINK

(Dealing with) complaints article for students

How to complain and deal with complaints on the phone

Photocopiable complaining and dealing with complaints pdf classroom activities

Dealing with problems and complaints step by step roleplays (starting easy and getting harder and harder)

Dealing with complaints and problems responses card games

Emails dealing with problems and complaints politeness competition game

Complaints politeness competition game

Dealing with complaints politeness

Present Perfect Continuous complaining competition

Complaints prepositions practice

Competing to complain more game

Competing to complain more game Version 2

Complaints case study

Complaints prepositions pairwork

Complaints sentence expansion game

Amusing and odd excuses pairwork

Weekend vocabulary and language of complaints

Complaints roleplays

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