Cambridge First Certificate Speaking Part One functional language board game


would (really) like Do/ Would you prefer…? Would you say that…? your perfect… START


work/ job You need one counter (e.g. eraser) per person. Place them on START. Someone in your group will ask you an FCE-style personal question about the topic or using the words in the square you are on.

You move around the board by using phrases with the functions below while you answer. You get one point for each correct phrase that hasn’t been used by anyone before (so none for repeating phrases someone has already said).

1.     Checking what the question means

2.     Commenting on the (possible) mismatch between the question and answer

3.     Commenting on the question

4.     Dealing with difficult questions/ Filling silence while thinking

5.     Vague language/ Saying you aren’t sure (e.g. can’t remember exactly)

6.     Changing your mind/ Correcting wrong information

7.     Explaining things the examiner might not know/ understand (e.g. things specific to your country)

8.     Giving reasons

9.     (Past, present or future) time expressions

10.  Tenses and similar verb forms (“’d like” etc)

11.  Comparing to others in your group/ Mentioning things others have said

Your partner will give one tick for each new phrase you use. When you finish answering, you can move one square forward for every tick.

who… with art/ media
What sort of…? at the moment
Where do you like…? at the weekend/ last weekend
What do you like (most) about…? Do you usually…?
How much time do you spend…? technology/ Internet
transport/ travel close to
brothers / sisters cinema/ films/ TV
Tell us about… recently. Tell us something about…
holidays concerts/ music
interested in/ hobbies cooking/ food and drink
in the future/ next Do you have…?
How would you describe…? Do you have a favourite…?
Has… changed over the years? Do you find it easy to…??
get on with friends
Do you use… to…? free time/ leisure
Do you spend a lot of time…? Do you think you will…?
Tell us about the last time you… the place where you are living
hometown home/ at home
foreign languages get here today
the area where you live the most interesting thing
plans shopping
How often…? on your own


eating out parents


take after
favourite/ like books/ reading
exercise/ fitness/ health Is there anything…? learn new things/ study Does anyone you know…? Do you… every day?

Try to think of at least three phrases for each of these categories of language that you were listening for and trying to produce during the game. You will get one point for each thing that no one else thought of.

  1. Checking (again) what the question means








  1. Commenting on the match or possible (mismatch) between the question and the answer








  1. Commenting on the question/ Filling silence while pausing for thought/ Dealing with difficult questions








  1. Vague language/ Saying you are not sure (e.g. you can’t remember exactly)









  1. Changing your mind halfway through an answer/ Correcting wrong information










  1. Explaining things that the examiner might not know or understand (e.g. names of things which are specific to your country)








  1. Giving reasons








  1. Different (past, present or future) time expressions








  1. Different tenses/ Verb forms to talk about different times








  1. Comparing yourself to the other people in your group/ Mentioning things which other people in your group have said


FCE Speaking Part One Homework

Write short essays about your past, present and future of at least five of the topics below. Look back at the questions etc in the board game if you aren’t sure what you can say. Use informal spoken language, like that of the speaking exam. 

  • art/ media
  • books/ reading
  • brothers / sisters
  • cinema/ films/ TV
  • concerts/ music
  • cooking/ food and drink
  • eating out
  • exercise/ fitness/ health
  • foreign languages
  • free time/ leisure
  • friends
  • get on with
  • holidays
  • home/ at home
  • hometown
  • interested in/ hobbies
  • learn new things/ study
  • parents
  • party
  • shopping
  • technology/ Internet
  • the area where you live
  • transport/ travel
  • weekends
  • work/ job


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part One board game

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