Sports trends Version 2

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 2

Try to agree on the past, present and future trends in the things below. Start with whichever you find easiest or most interesting.

 (Local/ National) government spending on sports

 Attendance at gyms

 Commercialism of sports

 Corporate sponsorship of sports

 Coverage of sports in the news/ in newspapers

 Domestic players going to foreign leagues

 Domination of leagues by the biggest teams

 Foreign players in domestic leagues

 Gym fees

 Gym membership

 Interest in traditional sports

 Interest in Western sports

 Interest in watching women’s teams who play traditionally male sports

 Interest in the private lives of sports people

 Internationally important sporting events in this city

 Number of spectators in stadiums

 Obesity

 People competing for your country who don’t have a strong connection to your country

 Pressure on youth team players

 Public interest in their country or city bidding for big sporting events such as the Olympics

 Salaries for sportsmen

 Sports on free TV

 Sports on paid TV

 Sports participation

 Sports publications and their popularity

 Standard of public sporting facilities

 Success of national teams and sportsmen

 Success of teams based in this city

 The fame of sportsmen

 Ticket prices

 Transfer fees

 TV viewing figures for sports

What forms did you use to talk about the future?


What other future forms are there? What kinds of sporting events could you describe them with?

What tenses would you use to describe these sporting events?

– 2020 Olympics

– 2013 Tokyo Sports Festival

– The next time you play sports or do exercise

– The next time you watch sports


PDF version for easy saving and printing: sports trends version 2

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