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onestopenglish Business and ESP section

Ask the experts- Motivating teachers whose business students miss class

Talking business– pronunciation for Business and ESP students with pronunciation needs analysis form (reprinted from ETP magazine)

Teaching Approaches: Needs Analysis

One to One Teaching Tips: Situation 1
One to One Teaching Tips: Situation 2
First Lessons Wish List

First Lessons Problems and Solutions
First Lessons: Lesson Plans

onestopenglish exam section
IELTS Writing 7: Describing data line graphs
FCE tips: reading part 3- gapped text
FCE tips: speaking part 1- speaking about yourself

FCE tips: speaking part 2- describing pictures
FCE tips: speaking part 3- working together
FCE tips: speaking part 4- 3 way conversation

FCE tips: speaking 5- the whole paper
FCE tips: Use of English part 1- multiple choice cloze

FCE tips: Use of English part 3- key word transformations
FCE tips: Use of English part 5- word formation
TOEFL: listening- short dialogues
TOEIC: listening part two- first lesson

Tips on TOEIC vocabulary development

onestopenglish Skills section
Teaching functions

onestopenglish young learner section
teaching children: classroom management- mixed ability classes
teaching children: classroom management- behaviour management
teaching children: classroom management- the first day

teaching children: classroom management- teaching large classes
First lesson games

Lesson share section

There are a fair few of these, but have linked to them from my worksheets page instead.

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