Household countable and uncountable nouns

Pick one of the things you think your partner has in their bathroom or kitchen and try to make a true sentence about how much or how many they have.


Shampoo                           Bathroom cleaner                           Pumice stone

Body scrub                        Moisturiser                                      Hand cream

Hand soap                         Shower gel                                      Conditioner

Tap (= faucet)                    Bathtub                                           Shower head

Pipe                                   Mat                                                  Shower curtain

Tweezers                           Razor                                               Shaving foam

Aftershave                        Hair clippers                                   Plaster (= Band Aid)

Painkiller                          Toothpaste                                       Floss

Nail clippers                      Toilet roll (= toilet paper)                Cotton bud

Toothbrush                        Washbasin                                      Bucket

Toilet brush                      Bleach (= toilet cleaner)                  Make up

Mirror                                Tile                                                  Bin

Shaving light                    Light cord                                        Light switch

Plug                                   Toilet spray                                     Loo (= toilet)

Bidet                                  Hair dryer                                       Toilet seat

Mouthwash                       Lock                                                 Hand towel

Bath towel                         Flannel                                            (Hair) brush

Comb                                 Hair clip                                          Hair band

Gel                                     Hairspray                                        Electric razor

Sponge                              Bath toy                                                        Towel rail

(Bathroom) scales             (Sink) plunger                                Nail file

Heated toilet seat              (Bathroom) cabinet                         Deodorant

Talc (= Talcum powder)     Shower cap                                     Drain

What things are uncountable above? Can you think of any more?


Washing up liquid            Saucepan                                        Frying pan

Cutlery                              Crockery                                          Salt

Chilli pepper                     (Black) pepper                                 Green pepper

Fridge                                Freezer                                            Ice

Mineral water                   Fruit juice                                       Drinking yoghurt

Yoghurt                             Milk                                                 Vinegar

Oil                                     Flour                                               Tea

Coffee                                Microwave (oven)                           Alcohol

Peg                                    Fizzy drink (= pop/ soda)                Washing powder

Washing up liquid            Softener                                                        Apron

Oven glove                        Tea towel                                         Disposable chopstick

Kitchen roll                       Rice cooker                                      Tea pot

Kettle                                Side plate                                        Teaspoon

Table spoon                       Tray                                                 Seaweed

Soya milk                          Soy sauce                                        Ice cream

Grater                               Place mat                                        Vegetable peeler

Sieve                                 Chopping board                              Kitchen knife

Pair of scissors                   Can opener                                     Frozen food

Brown rice                         Pasta                                               Tinned (= canned) food

Fruit                                  Vegetable                                        Cup

Glass                                 Mug                                                 Jam

Marmite                            Pickle                                              Sugar cube

Mayonnaise                      Butter                                              Socket

Fish slice                           Toaster                                            Grill

Oven                                 Baking tray                                     Salad bowl

Brown sugar                     Bin                                                  Bin bag

Soy sauce                          Chilli sauce                                     Cling film

Aluminium foil                  Corkscrew                                       Bottle opener

Can (= tin) opener            Fish sauce                                       Rolling pin

Scales                                Rubber gloves                                 Table cloth


Are there any things in the kitchen which could be countable or uncountable depending on what form they are in?

Find things in common: “We both/ all have…” (with the quantity included)


PDF version for easy printing: HouseholdCountableUncountable

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