Technology Relative Clauses definitions game

Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 8

Choose one of the things below and explain which one you are thinking of (without saying its name or any part of its name) until your partner guesses which one you are talking about, starting your sentences with:

“It’s a person who/ whose…”

“It’s a thing/ machine/ gadget that/ which + verb

“It’s a thing/ machine/ gadget that/ which/ – + subject + verb”

“It’s a place where…”

3G phone                                        Answer machine               Flat screen television

Air conditioner                                 Remote control                 Stereo

An answering machine     Walkman/ Personal stereo             Amusement arcade

Battery recharger                            Digital alarm clock                          Projector

Boom box                                        CD ROM                                         DVD ROM

Bread maker                                   Chest freezer                                  Rice cooker

Bug                                                  (Electric) Fan                                  Humidifier

Car navigation                                 MP3 player/ iPod               A fire extinguisher

Colour photocopier                         Laminator                                        Electric pencil sharpener

Computer lab                                  Listening lab                                    Utility room

Computer superstore                     Cyberspace                                    Breadmaker

Depilator                                          Electric lawnmower                        Robot vacuum cleaner

Dictaphone                                      Technophile                                    Technophobe

Digital voice recorder                      Spotlight                                          Energy saving light bulbs

Digital watch                                   Digital radio                                     Heat detector

Drinks machine                 Vending machine                            Ticket machine

Ear and nose clippers                     Electronics shop               Research lab

Electric razor                                  Barcode reader                 Universal remote control

Electric toothbrush                          Washing machine                           Dishwasher

Food processor/ mixer/ blender/ juicer                                     Espresso machine

Hairdryer                                         Electronic dictionary                       Hair curlers

Hands free phone                           Voice activated…                            Car alarm

IMAX cinema                                   Science museum                           Computer repair shop

Instant camera (= instamatic camera)                                     Fax (machine)

Intercom                                          Mobile phone                                   Stun gun/ Tazer

Internet café                                    Smart phone                                   Tablet computer

Massage chair                                Wii Fit                                              Tamagotchi

Microwave (oven)                            Hoover (= vacuum cleaner)            3D glasses

Nerd                                                Geek                                                Techie

Night Light                                       Bluetooth                                         Microphone

Robotic toy                                      Electric can opener                         Foot spa

Scanner                                          Digital photocopier                          Colour printer

Smoke detector                Laser pointer                                   Wireless keyboard

Surround sound speakers              Home cinema                                 Motion detector

Tumble drier                                    Lava lamp                                       Nintendo DS

Video game machine                      Laptop                                             PDA

Water cooler                                   Ice cube dispenser                         Fridge (= refrigerator)

WiFi                                                 Kettle                                               Toaster

Wireless headphones                     GPS                                                Electric blanket

Wireless LAN                                  Floppy disk                                      USB stick

Wireless mouse               Touch screen                                  Desk lamp



Discussion questions

1. How knowledgeable are you about technology? How interested are you in new electronics etc?

2. Are you are a technophobe or a technophile? Why do you describe yourself that way? Why do you feel that way about technology?

3. Work together to brainstorm negative things about modern technology


PDF for easy saving and printing: TechnologyRelativeClauses

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