Weekends Past Present or Future

Give a short true statement about you and weekends. It can be about the present (= present habits with Present Simple), future (one particular weekend or a particular time of your life) or past (ditto), but leave out the grammar that would indicate which, e.g. “Watch cricket”. Your partner should guess whether the true sentence is past, present or future, and then try to make a true sentence about you, e.g. “You used to watch cricket at the weekend when you were a teenager”

Possible topics


Homework/ Study

Sports/ Exercise

The arts/ Media

Food and drink

Shopping/ Spending money

Going out

(Part-time) work




Day trips/ Weekend away

DIY/ decorating



Music/ Dancing


Clothes/ Appearance


Useful language


Next weekend

The weekend after next

In the near future- In the distant future

When I + Present Simple



Used to

Last weekend

The weekend before last

When I was a baby/ toddler/ child/ teenager

When I was in my (early/ mid/ late) teens/ twenties/ thirties



Rarely/ hardly ever/ sometimes/ often/ usually/ almost always


PDF version for easy printing: Weekends Past Present Future

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