English greetings Functional Language Review

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 5

Listen to your teacher read out words and phrases used near the beginning and end of conversations and hold up the correct card.

Label the sections below with M for meeting and L for leaving. All the phrases in one section should be the same





It was nice to meet you

I’d better be going

Thanks for having me


Pleased to meet you

Nice to meet you


Get out of here

Never darken my door again

Good night


Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening


See you soon

See you later


It was really nice to catch up.


So long


Take care

Look after yourself

Bon voyage

Have a safe journey


It’s lovely to see you again

Have you come far?

Long time no see


It’s been lovely to see you

Missing you already


Thanks for coming

I really must be off

Let’s not leave it so long next time

Have fun

Bye for now

Thanks for coming

We really must do this again sometime

Phone me when you get back

Don’t be a stranger


You haven’t changed at all!

Have you changed your hair?

It’s been ages!

I can’t believe it’s really you!


How’s it going?

How are things?

How have you been?

How’s life treating you?

How do you do?



Haven’t we met somewhere before?

I almost didn’t recognize you

So- we meet again, Mr. Bond.

Back already?

I thought we’d seen the last of you!


You must be Mick Jagger.

It’s so nice to finally meet you

I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.

May I introduce myself?

I don’t believe we’ve met


How long has it been?

It’s so nice to see you again.

Welcome back


What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

I’ve heard so much about you.

I don’t think we’ve been introduced

We’ve spoken many times on the phone, but it’s great to meet you in person.

Delighted to meet you.


Good weekend?

Glad to be back?

(raising your eyebrows)


Have a good weekend

See you on Monday

Don’t forget your appointment

See you tomorrow

See you around



What’s the difference between:

 ‘See you’ and ‘See you later’?

 how ‘ciao’ is used in English and how it is used in Italian?

 ‘Good night’ and the other ‘Good…’ phrases?

 ‘How have you been?’ and ‘How are you?’

 ‘How are you?’ and ‘How do you do?’

 ‘See you’ and ‘See you around’?

What are the possible answers to:

 ‘How are you’?

 ‘Nice to meet you’?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Meeting and leaving

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  1. Nilani says:

    A good activity

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