BULATS Speaking Part Two tasks on negotiations

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 9

Now we would like you to give a one minute presentation about one of the three topics below. Choose one that you feel you can talk about and prepare what you are going to say for one minute, making notes on the scrap paper if you like. You will only have one minute to speak, so don’t worry if the examiner interrupts you.


A: Talk about a personal or business negotiation you took part in. You should say:

  • What the negotiation was about
  • What the different starting positions were
  • How you reached an agreement or stopped the negotiations

And say whether you think both sides were happy with the outcome or not, and why


B: Speak on your own for one minute about a negotiation that you know about but were not involved in. You should mention:

  • Who was involved
  • What they were negotiating
  • How their positions changed during the negotiation

And tell the examiner whether you think that is a good example of a negotiation or not, and why you have that opinion.



C: Give a one minute presentation about a negotiating technique that you have tried or know about. Make sure that you include:

  • What the technique is
  • How you first learnt about it
  • How popular it is

And say whether you think it is suitable for all negotiations or not, and why.



PDF version for easy printing: BULATS Speaking negotiations

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