Past Simple Business monologues

Market Leader Elementary Unit 6

Listen to your partner talk about one topic below for as long as they can and try to ask them questions to get more details when they finish.


Time your partner speaking about one topic for as long as they can then tell them the total time they spoke after taking some time off for when they were silent.

  • A (pleasant or unpleasant) surprise
  • A big change in my section/ department/ team/ division
  • A big disagreement
  • A big help
  • A big purchase/ A big order
  • A business gift
  • A business trip
  • A communication problem
  • A complaint
  • A conference/ trade fair
  • A conversation in English
  • A conversation with someone from overseas
  • A course/ Some training
  • A difficult decision
  • A long meeting
  • A long phone call
  • A meal with business contacts
  • A meeting with my direct boss (= line manager)
  • A presentation that I gave
  • A problem with technology
  • A recent business news story
  • A report
  • A stressful time
  • A successful project
  • A time when I met someone high up in the company
  • An important phone call
  • An original/ creative idea
  • An unsuccessful project
  • Meeting someone important
  • My career
  • Some business entertaining
  • Some new technology
  • Something in English that I read
  • Something that I helped with
  • Something that I sold
  • The history of a product/ service/ invention
  • The history of this/ a company (in this city/ region/ country)

Discuss your experiences of selling and buying, then do the listening on page 56.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Simple Past Business monologues updated 19 June 2015

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